Kelly Ehrenman

Nanobloc Invented by CJ Isakow

“Like a lot of people, I’ve had ideas for different products throughout the years. I finally took a chance on one…all…by…myself. I brought it to market and failed miserably!! (There’s a saying, “You don’t know, what you don’t know.”) That experience stopped my inventive inspirations for quite some time.

Years later, I came across inventRight videos and read Stephen Key’s book, “One Simple Idea.”

I signed up as a student. I am now the proud owner of a licensing deal. The tools and resources that inventRight has to offer are incredibly helpful. The one-on-one coaching is an integral part to keep the student on point, focused, and accomplished.

I refer to inventRight as taking a college course. But in this “college” your professor (coach) meets with you once a week. Not to mention the follow up emails, articles, contacts, and so much more.

Thank you, Terry O’Mara, for your encouragement, knowledge, and enthusiasm. You have been there at every turn and your patience is immeasurable! Thank you, Paul Sorenson, for your guidance during the licensing process. Your expertise and advice made it easy and flow smoothly. To the inventRight Design Studio….Wow! Your gifted artistic talents bring products to a whole new level!!

Thank you to Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss! I am so grateful for finding inventRight! I encourage anyone who has been pondering the idea, to sign up!! You’ll be with a company who’s mission is genuine and the people are sincere.”

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Kelly Ehrenman


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