Kieran Bergin

Nanobloc Invented by CJ Isakow

“I just want to thank the inventRight team and particularly my coach for their invaluable help and guidance helping me get through the firewalls and gatekeepers in a professional manner and ultimately into contract with the company that is licensing my product.

I originally started using ‘One Simple Idea,’ which was a perfect book to get an understanding of the market for inventors and how to systematically navigate every step along the way.

I joined iR as a member once I began getting interest from several companies and realized that I would soon need an inventRight coach if I wanted to close on a contract at all, let alone one that would be equitable to both parties.

Once a member, I had access to an incredible amount of tutorials, articles and videos that were a true insiders view of the game.

In regard to coaching and closing, My coach helped me immensely and certainly saved me a lot of money in the process. He reviewed each contract with all the back and forth amendments and was able to spot important concerns that even my licensing attorney did not pick up.

I can’t thank the iR people enough, without them I never would have gotten my product to market.”

Kieran Bergin


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