Kieran Thomas

Diaper Changing Pad Invented by Mike Perry

“We’ve just secured our first licensing deal and I have to say, I honestly don’t think I could have pulled it off without the help from the team at inventRight.

I’m pretty sure I would have unwittingly made some of the “rookie” mistakes which inventRight helps you avoid from the outset.

I’ve learned so much about the ins and outs of licensing thanks to the team; especially from Paul Sorenson (my coach) and the YouTube channel inventRightTV which provides a wealth of valuable knowledge and insights for free!

Having Paul as a coach was also really helpful as it meant I had someone experienced who I could sense-check ideas with, keep me accountable to meeting target dates, and was able to guide me through the process of filing a PPA – something which we don’t have in the UK, and so I had no knowledge of prior to learning of it through inventRight.

So I would just like to say many thanks to Paul and the team for helping us secure our first licensing deal…. here’s hoping there are many more to follow!”

Kieran Thomas


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