Marco L.

Inventor of The Heft

The Heft Invented by Marco L.
Shoveling is PAINFUL – The HEFT reduces that PAIN

That is probably one of the shortest and most powerful benefit statements I have ever written. And I have Stephen Key to thank for teaching me how to write it AND successfully license The HEFT. The HEFT is now in over 1,000 stores across Canada. If you are ever going to read just one book in your life…READ One Simple Idea. The book and the man that wrote it are the real deal and I feel that book completely changed my family’s future and I have the sales to back that statement up.

So just what is The HEFT?

My wife and I started the inventing process of the award-winning HEFT in 2008 during one particularly snowy winter in Canada when I knew there just had to be a better way to shovel without straining my back. I have had a very bad back my entire adult life complete with an extensive spinal fusion just 3 months ago so I know a bit about bad backs and how great ergonomics can help.

The HEFT’s main function is to reduce pain and prevent injuries through smart ergonomics. It makes long shaft tools like shovels or rakes instantly ergonomic and reduces back pain associated with bending. The HEFT attaches in less than one second due to the unique, patented opposing locking collars and needs no additional tools or screws to attach it.

Before I touch on the details, look at the timeline. By 2012 we still just had some really ugly handmade prototypes (proof of concept) of The HEFT, but had also won a top award at the National Hardware show in Las Vegas. Despite the award, we still had no direct plans for manufacturing or distribution. In December 2012 I appeared on the CBC’s Dragons’ Den in Canada with our handmade prototypes and a dream. We had no sales, no business plan and not a whole lot beyond our passion and enthusiasm. Today just 3 ½ years later The HEFT has generated sales in the millions of dollars in Canada and we have also successfully ‘pitched’ The HEFT to the executives at one of the largest TV shopping channels which put The HEFT in front of millions of people in the USA.

When you are a new inventor starting out, it doesn’t matter how much self-confidence you bring to the game. You NEED knowledge as you are in new uncharted territory and the ‘inventing road’ IS hard, difficult and very expensive. I heard about Stephen Key and then saw him on TV and briefly corresponded by email with Andrew Krauss. I devoured everything on the Invent Right website and read Stephen’s latest book ‘One Simple Idea’ many times. It changed my direction and our lives financially.

I want to personally thank Stephen and Andrew for being the ‘compass in the storm’ when we decided to license The HEFT and to NOT manufacture – which is the route I’d taken with my previous inventions.

The advice and ideas in One Simple Idea were the cornerstones of our lucrative licensing deal.

Without the direction and advice from Stephen Key, I am confident in saying that the road would have been much more difficult. Today our Canadian licensing deal is working perfectly, the DRTV deal is signed and 2016 is going to be a spectacular year. We were able to strike a unique deal with our Canadian partner that licensed The HEFT’s IP, and now we can purchase HEFTs for international sales opportunities without ever having to manufacture it ourselves. We recently stated selling The HEFT through our US website, and are exploring many more opportunities to put the HEFT into the hands of our American neighbours to the south.

As a small token of my appreciation and gratitude, I would like to send you and Andrew a couple of HEFTs to use in your garden or for snow shoveling. If you could please send me the address I will get those shipped out to you ASAP.

Warmest regards and the biggest Thank You!

Marco L.

Inventor, The Heft

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