Mathew P.

Inventor of Klear Way Driveway Deicer

Klear Way Driveway Deicer Invented by Matthew P.
“I just licensed my driveway deicer system called Klear Way! This system will be sold through out the US & possibly Canada in the near future. I am also working on 2 other products right now. Needless to say I am very excited!

I want to personally thank my coaches & inventRight. Since I joined the program, I have never looked back! From day one there has been a wealth of information at my disposal.

The coaches are phenomenal. No one is pretending here. They are genuinely here to help you reach your goals and are passionate about what they do. I have personally been coached by 3 different coaches: Karen Steinbock, Paul Sorenson, & David Fedewa. Each as professional as the next but offering their own unique take on inventing + licensing.

Many think that they don’t have the time to bring their products to life. I could always set up an appointment with a coach when I needed help. That is saying something given I work sometimes 55-60 hours a week. inventRight was always there, even later at night or earlier in the mornings.

Bottom line, if you have the drive & do the work, inventRight can help you reach your dreams! Going the extra mile for you is what they do!”

Mathew P.

Inventor, Klear Way Driveway Deicer

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