Ryan Z.

Inventor of Height Chart

Height Chart Invented by Ryan Z.
“An entrepreneur at heart but one adverse to risk and large start-up costs. That was me. I was pursuing an apparel business and it was becoming increasingly clear the business model was not going to work. Enter InventRight. Andrew and Stephen taught me how to blend my creativity with my entrepreneurial side. Using their program anyone can get into licensing, a business model with minimal risk and financial investment. The best part about it is, it’s fun, the sky is the limit, and you can do it literally anywhere. Having recently just licensed my first invention in just around 4 months, I plan to produce more products and do it all traveling in Central America where I’m planning an extended vacation. Thank you Stephen and Andrew for all your expert help and advice! The amount of time you spend teaching and talking to inventors like myself is unparalleled and extremely beneficial!”
Ryan Z.

Inventor, Height Chart

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