Scott Putnam

Right Height Invented by April Mitchell

“As an Inventright coach, it’s been my honor and privilege to work with hundreds of amazing people from all over the world. It’s thrilling to see students bring their product ideas to life and help empower them to move their products toward a licensing deal. I would never ask anyone to do something I was not willing to do myself. I believe it’s important to walk the talk and feel strongly about being on the proverbial field alongside my fellow students and coaches with our muddy cleats square on the ground.

With this in mind, I’m overjoyed to announce a new licensing deal for my Swat-N-Scoop product with Jonah White, founder and CEO of BillyBob Products. Jonah reached out to me at a tradeshow to inquire about creating a ‘BillyBob version’ of my product. He redesigned it as a Super Heavy Duty Swatter with scooping capabilities and has respectfully given me freedom to continue selling my product as I see fit. Jonah has added the Multi-purpose Swatter to his fantastic line of pest control products and he is actively pitching to buyers at trade shows and landing some nice orders.

When I decided to venture this product, I did so with licensing in mind, and it has worked out very well so far with Jonah and his team at BillyBob Products. I’m honored to be working with a guy who knows the value of hard work and dedication. I encourage you to check out the BillyBob swatter and look forward to seeing it at fine retailers near you. My advice to others is to listen to your coach, keep pursuing your dreams, and never give up even when it gets uncomfortable. This is how you know you’re close and truly in the game. You got this! #LicensingHappens!” – Scott P.

Scott Putnam


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