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Congratulations Keanu Alfaro On Yet Another Licensed Product! Check Out Keanu Game-Changing Dual-Blade Design

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Keanu Alfaro

When inventor Keanu Alfaro noticed a trend in the marketplace, he took action.

Congratulations! Keanu Alfaro on successfully licensing your product idea!

With the popularity of online shopping, box cutters have become a common household item, easily found in various hardware stores.

However, Coach Keanu identified a limitation in the functionality of utility razor blades.

“While they are exceptionally sharp and perfect for cutting through regular cardboard boxes, they lack durability and are not well-suited for more heavy-duty tasks such as prying, roll-cuts, digging, and spreading. That’s where standard knife blades come in handy,” he explains.

Determined to address this issue, Keanu developed a solution that combines a box cutter’s functionality with a standard blade’s durability.

“This design features a primary drop-point blade tailored for everyday tasks, accompanied by a utility razor blade on the opposite end. The utility blade is of standard size, allowing easy replacement when it becomes dull. This also allows you to extend the life of your main blade, only calling on the main blade for heavier-duty tasks,” Keanu shares.

Absolutely genius!

This knife is currently available for preview on the Heinr. Böker Baumwerk GmbH website.

It’s motivating to see your success, Keanu. Keep up the fantastic work!


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