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4 Tips To Build A Close Relationship With Your inventRight Coach

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Inventing can be lonely, but it doesn't have to be.

As an inventRight coaching program member for almost 1 year, and bestowed the Rockstar member award by my inventRight Coach, Courtney Laschkewitsch, I am honored to share the ways I have eagerly engaged with my incredibly helpful coach, the inventRight community, and my own strengths to take my inventing and licensing journey to the next level. Whether you are just getting an inventRight coach, or are a longtime member—I know these tips will enhance your ability to be a Best-in-Class inventRight member, and land a coveted licensing deal! 

This is Part 2: Relationship-Building Strategies, in a 3-part series. The previous topic was Part 1: Practical Strategies, and the upcoming topic is Part 3: Motivational Strategies. In this topic of relationship-building strategies, we will be discussing ways to build a relationship with your coach. The goal is to HELP YOUR INVENTRIGHT COACH HELP YOU SUCCEED!

Just to greatly emphasize these tips, I’ve made the choice to type the subheadings in ALL CAPS, with an exclamation mark following… so, please, get ready to GREATLY AMPLIFY your inventing abilities as an inventRight student!


Respect is a tenet of good communication, and a virtue at that! Please respect your coach because they have been trained and experienced to specifically cater to your needs for success. Your coach is your best mentor, a valuable link into this amazing inventor community, and possibly a great friend! In short, they take YOUR SUCCESS, very seriously. Start with basic preparation: be at your workspace before your coaching calls, ready and focused for the meeting—away from distractions.

Please remember, this is business: act appropriately professional! Add the call to your calendar AND PUT REMINDER ALERTS so it is inevitably top of mind on call day. Personally, I like to be at my desk for at least 1 hour prior, to review my coaching call agenda and be ready to align on the topics. During the call, be respectful of their time and make sure to check-in if time is running over. I urge you to tap into your courteous side and STAY CLASSY!


Have you ever heard the saying “you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped”? Well, if you signed up for inventRight, you already possess the courage to take a leap of faith to ask for the help that YOU NEED in order to invent and license a product. Your coach has mentored many other students who were once in your position, and is WELL EQUIPPED TO HELP YOU! In order to work effectively towards your bottom-line, please trust their expertise. Trusting means to always open up to your coach. The inventing process will always have imperfections and obstacles. Accept that you have much to learn, and then learn!

If you can be honest and share your business and working vulnerabilities with your trusted coach, you WILL learn to strive through those obstacles with brilliant solutions! Ask questions, trust the answers. Combining the tried-and-true strategies of inventRight with your own style, you will be able to create a custom process, and naturally secure a deal!


Respectfully, GET EVERY LAST BIT OF VALUE OUT OF THE RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR COACH! Your coach is already heavily involved in the inventor community, so why not get to know how they like to do things so you can join in quickly too?! Your coach would love to share their experiences with you. In fact, that is what they are meeting you for! Furthermore, getting to know your coach increases the student/coach synchronicity. Just as your coach has been tasked to figure out your process, getting to know your coach’s preferences will help you both to get on the same page—fostering the best environment for success.

The coach/student relationship is a two-way street. Taking the time to know a bit more of your coach’s life and work will inevitably build a stronger bond with them.


Your coach would love to see you thrive! A coach and mentor pays their knowledge forward to those that need that knowledge, like you! So naturally, actively applying that knowledge WILL make your coach proud. If your coach says something that stands out and seems like a great course of action, write those thoughts down with the utmost intention. Periodically review those notes and build upon the concepts through applied tasking, even continuing the topic into the next coaching call! I am sure that a coach loves to see the fruitful results of their teachings, manifesting into hurdle-jumping action on your part! Dive deep into your process to regularly surprise your coach, and the community, with your achievements!

With the help of these relationship-building strategies, you will be well on your way to being a CLASSY and successful inventor. Please stay tuned for Part 3: Motivational Strategies, as the final article in this series!


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