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Strategies For Overcoming Writer’s Block

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Wondering How to find fresh ideas for your writing? Well, let me tell you, I’m not a natural writer. I struggle with dyslexia, making writing a tough hill to climb. However, I’ve discovered ways to conquer this obstacle. My secret? I speak into my phone, sending the notes to my editor— who, coincidentally, is my daughter, Madeleine. She then polishes it up.

Over time, I’ve had many good souls lend me a hand. Big thanks to all those who’ve supported me; I can’t appreciate them enough. Special shoutout to Akira for the invaluable help in crafting content for “Innovate This!.”

My writing journey kicked off with Allbusiness. After my first year with them, my daughter and editor, Madeleine, turned to me and remarked, “Dad, I think we’ve exhausted all topics.” It was around fifteen years ago. After a while, we’ve reached the 1,000-article mark. We both share a good laugh about it now.

Overcoming Writer’s Block Through Curiosity and Connection

So, how do I excel at generating fresh content? It boils down to my desire to be a better inventor and to assist others in becoming better inventors too. In my daily interactions at InventRight, I engage with many of our members. I listen keenly to their problems and the obstacles they face along their journey. It often surprises them that I’m asking questions, but what they don’t realize is that they’re actually helping me. This interaction gives me valuable information to write about.

I can share bits of my personal journey too. Luckily, I’m still in the game—pitching, protecting, and licensing ideas. What I’ve discovered is crucial. Writing on a topic requires you to be up to date. You need to be current to provide useful information. Things are changing rapidly, and being current is a must.

I’m also lucky to be part of advisory boards globally. This pushes me to delve into various aspects of inventing and intellectual property. Being curious about improving as an inventor makes it simple for me to ask questions from those in the industry. 

And, because I contribute to online business publications, I have the opportunity to interview fellow professionals in the industry. This allows me to collect valuable information that benefits not only me but also my audience. The access I gain to insights from others in the industry is truly priceless.

Everyone’s an expert in something. The creative process is a never-ending journey. We’re all forever students. My hunger for knowledge on improving as an inventor is unending. Plus, connecting with similar-minded folks ready to help others is an extra perk.

Final Words

Coming up with new content is a breeze. There’s a perpetual well of knowledge waiting to be tapped into, offering endless possibilities for both others and myself. So, do I ever experience writer’s block? Never! As you can see, the journey never loses its spark. There’s always a new lesson to learn and share, making the adventure evergreen.


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