Author: Ryan Diez

  • Ryan Diez

    Ryan Diez is a lifelong inventor whose hand-held dog-washing device, The Woof Washer 360, went viral in 2015 after he found a licensee. After years of stops and starts, he’s eager to share his hard-won insights with new students. “When you’re trying to get a product out there and just don’t know how, or can’t, there’s no better way forward than to talk to someone who’s done it. I’ve been there — and really, it’s an honor to be able to pass on what I’ve learned,” he said. “Seeing my product in PetSmart gave me of the best feelings I’ve ever felt. If I can help someone else feel that, well, what more can you ask for? For the past decade, he’s been sharpening his communication, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills as a member of the law enforcement industry. In his spare time he enjoys watching college football on Saturday mornings, going to country music concerts, and visiting Disneyland with his fiancé.